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Bellmeade Motors is the PREMEIRE BUY HERE PAY HERE DEALERSHIP of the area. Combining our volume, selection and experience we have the systems in place to deliver more value and convenience. We have been doing it for almost 30 years with 1000s of happy customers.


BUY HERE PAY HERE is when the dealer is also financing the purchase in house and not using an outside or third-party lender. At Bellmeade Motors we are a truly independent BUY HERE PAY HERE DEALERSHIP. We own our inventory and do our own financing. This often provides more value for the customer. We take the middle man out of the deal. Meaning there isn’t a big bank telling us what type of vehicle to purchase, what to sell it for or who can purchase it. Since the customer is working directly with the bank our process is quick and simple offering a personal touch. After the sale you are not just a number at a big bank, rather, you are working with a member of the local community getting the vehicle paid off in two years or less.


If you are asked to fill out a huge credit application or have to wait for an approval you are probably not working with an independent BUY HERE PAY HERE DEALERSHIP. Your application is most likely getting processed at one of the big banks. At Bellmeade Motors there is no credit application. We require a down payment that is based on the purchase price of the vehicle. If you have the down payment and live in Blair or a surrounding county you are approved, it is that easy. Really it is

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